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Our candles:

Pure Integrity Candles delivers what candle lovers hope for in a candle, but rarely find. Our candles are Scented strong top to bottom, burn clean, last long & burn evenly! They are  made in the USA, use 100% natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, & healthier fragrances. Our soy candles have more fragrance than any other candle we know of on the market today because we invented an Innovative Fragrance Technology.


Our mission:

We decided to provide the best quality scented candles we found on the market worldwide. Therefore we sell only 2 brands of candles with only the natural wax: Pure Integrity Soy Candles and WELLSPA CANDLE. 

We hope that still more and more people also in Europe will know more about the problems which regular paraffin candles can cause to our health. Health is on top of our priorities, that´s why we provide only the best quality products. 

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